Tins of beans and tuna with plain sausages can get a bit tiresome if you and your family are frequent campers.

If you’re planning a trip to one of the fantastic camping destinations in the New Forest, you might want to try cooking something a bit more exciting over your campfire.

We’ve found 4 great recipes for those who want to try something new on their next trip to the New Forest.

1. Berry Camping Cake

Forget bringing your cheap flavourless pre-packaged cake bars on your trip – This recipe is one to impress Mary Berry herself!

We recommend that you use a combination of strawberries and raspberries in your cake for that rich, sweet taste.

This cake has a dry, crumbly topping which compliments the berry juices perfectly. This recipe takes a small amount of pre-preparation at home so make sure you are ready!

Click http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/berry-camping-cake for the full recipe.

2. Campfire Breakfast Potatoes

Delicious and simple to make, this recipe will definitely set you up well for a day of hiking and cycling through the New Forest.

Using a combination of potatoes, onions and jalapenos, it certainly isn’t your typical English breakfast but the spices are sure to wake you up!

It’s easy and requires no preparation at home so there’s no excuse not to set yourself up for the day with some delicious carbs.

Click http://www.dirtygourmet.com/campfire-breakfast-potatoes/ for the full recipe.

3. Boozy Campfire Cheese

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you; this really is booze and cheese all in one.

It’s a really simple recipe that can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a meal. We recommend enjoying it at the end of the night just as the campfire is dying down.

Using a crusty bread roll to sop up the melted cheese is truly delectable.

For the full recipe click http://www.chow.com/recipes/10935-boozy-campfire-cheese

4. Banana Boats

These wonderful sweet treats are so simple that even a child as young as 5 could make them!

All you need is bananas, chocolate and an array of your favourite sweet toppings. Our suggestion is coconut.

After you’ve made the difficult decision of what to put in the bananas, it’s just a case of covering them in foil and chucking them on the fire. (Perhaps placing them carefully would be safer than chucking them.)

Click http://ww2.kqed.org/bayareabites/2009/05/27/banana-boats/ for the full recipe.

If you haven’t booked a camping trip to the New Forest and are interested in doing so, click here for more information: http://www.thenewforest.co.uk/accommodation/new-forest-camping.aspx