As the sun begins to show itself more often and nature gets into full swing, it’s prime time to get out and enjoy the longer days.

Here are 5 different outdoor games that will inspire the kids to explore, learn and make friends.

1. Watch your step

With just a balloon tied around each ankle, the aim of the game is to pop everyone else’s balloon whilst keeping yours intact! The last one standing can claim the crown. Balloons are a cheap, exciting way to have fun and can be made even more exciting by filling them with confetti, sweets or even water!
Just remember to pick up any remnants when it’s over!

2. Frozen T-Shirt Race

Soak some t-shirts in water and freeze them in plastic bags. Now, hold a competition to see who can put on a t-shirt the fastest! This is particularly fun in hot weather to cool you down and can be made more interesting with incorrectly size t-shirts, interesting colours or even trousers!

3. Drip, Drip, Dunk

This game is played just traditional “Duck, Duck, Goose” but instead of a tap on the head, each duck gets a drip of water and the goose gets the whole container! This is an interesting summer twist on a classic game to play when the weather is particularly warm, just remember to use a durable container.

4. Safari Search

This is a brilliant one now that the majority of kids have access to camera phones. This non-destructive version of a scavenger hunt gets the kids out into the wild, searching for wildlife and learning about their environment. This modern take on the classic teaches about conservation and it gives them some great photographs to remember their time by.

5. Hide and Seek

It’s a tried and tested game that everyone loves. Playing this game in the great outdoors is a brilliant way to encourage children to explore local nature and pay attention to their surroundings. There are so many variations to this game that each and every time you play it can be a completely different experience.

These games are fun for all the family and really encourage teamwork, communication and respect for the environment. Just don’t forget to pack a picnic!