Picnics are one of the greatest parts of summer. There’s not a lot better than being surrounded by great family, great environment and great food. We’ve compiled a list of things that can make or break a picnic and a few tips to make it the best it can be.

1. Eating is thirsty work

Often, with all the focus on food, we underestimate hydration or forget about it all together. Drinks keep people engaged and happy, a mixture of fizzy and flat drinks goes a long way to ensuring everyone is well hydrated. If you’re planning on keeping the fun going until evening, a smart idea would be to fill a thermos with hot water for tea and coffee when the evening chill begins to roll in.

2. Don’t forget the basics

Now that all the thought has been put into ensuring that the food and drink is all prepared, it’s important not to overlook the most basic of things. Make sure you go over the necessaries such as utensils, dishware, cups, napkins and condiments. Also spare a thought for what comes after the picnic. What will you do with your left-overs and rubbish?

3. Attempting to cater for everyone

It’s a noble effort to try and include everyone in your picnic, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time. Often, a smart plan is to give the option of picnic goers catering for themselves. This keeps everyone happy; they feel useful and it doesn’t leave out anyone with special dietary requirements.

4. Going overboard on the desserts

Desserts are inevitably a crowd pleaser, especially with the young ones but if you over pack on the sweet stuff it can leave guests feeling lethargic and slow. A good mix of ‘light’ deserts like meringue, fruit salads and compote satisfy that sweet tooth without compromising the walk home.

5. Not keeping perishable food chilled

Horses following good food hygiene practices by keeping their food chilled.If you’re planning to bring foods that need to remain chilled, a cool box is the only way forward. Food safety is paramount when handling food, but it’s extra important at a picnic. In hot weather, food such as dairy, egg and tuna will need to be kept cool and insulated if they’re going to remain fit for consumption. A cool box should be ¾ food and ¼ ice packs, this will ensure food stays fresh and safe all day.

6. Forgetting entertainment

Don’t forget that not everyone is interested in sitting down at a picnic and enjoying the conversation. Some children may prefer a light outdoor game or sport. Some small ball games are a really easy way to keep fidgety children entertained whilst conversation continues to flow.

Picnics are stressful enough to plan with the worry of who is coming and what the weather is doing. Use these helpful tips to take a bit of the difficulty out of planning and enjoy your day out even more!